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sâmbătă, 1 ianuarie 2011

TWind Airborne Turbine Concept Could Harvest Energy at High Altitudes

Researchers believe that future airborne wind turbines will be able to spin more fastly in the high altitudes winds some day and send power back to Earth through nanotube tether cables.

Mark Moore, a NASA aerospace engineer believes that the impact of tethered turbines on the airspace as well as the mechanism of flying wind farms should be examined. An airborne farm would not cause any pollution or need any ground resources although it could make some inconveniences such as air traffic jams and headaches for airliners. The speed and strength of wind increases at higher altitudes, so one can get between eight and 27 times the power production at 2,000 feet above ground ,the aerospace engineer claims.

Moreover, the Italian company TWIND suggests that a pair of tethered balloons should fly at 2,600 feet. This way, electricity will be generated. You are probably wondering how… the balloons have sails, thus , the one with an open sail moves downwind and draws the other balloon upwind, and then the motion is reversed, while the tether is sending the sails’movement to the ground, creating electricity.

Moore complains that the federal government doesn’t involve enough in this project and he is going to spend no less than $ 100,000 for the first steps of his research. He points out that he’s trying to create a level playing field of understanding, where one can compare all of the concepts and approaches.
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